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The technical and administrative capabilities of our enterprise is closely related to the expertise of our professionals in all different sectors like civil, mechanical and electric/electronic engineering as well as architecture.

Since its foundation COPEM has continuously expanded its activities and today can bear a very large list of works as the conception, basic and detailed designs of hydro electrical and thermoelectric power plants systems, HV and EHV substations and metro and railway power supply and auxiliaries systems.

Also in the Energy Supply Area, we can highlight the works of our civil engineers which are very well experienced in the development of finite element calculations and simulations of the concrete structure behavior of dams in hydroelectric power plants in order to evaluate their technical conditions through the use of special software’s and models.

This work allows the prevention and correction of critical stressed point inside the structures and in advance, it permits us to establish measures to avoid future problems.

COPEM is the leadership to conceive and design in controlling and protecting of hydro power complexes and substations using digital technology. Its expertise in this field comprises the use of state of the art software and equipment for conception design, development, calculations, specifications inspection during manufacturing and installation “in loco” of all pertinent apparatus as well as field and final acceptance tests and commissioning.

Regarding the executive designs to install equipment, it is largely experienced to perform in all areas like electromechanical, hydraulic and telecom issues proposing lay–out studies, preparing of tech. Specification for equipment suppliers, operation and location of equipment, cable and wire installation and piping etc.

The Metro and Railway Engineering is another very important sector in which COPEM has acquired much importance and experience. Since its foundation the enterprise participated in almost all important projects already built in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

This market does recognizes its technical capability to conceive, design, dimension and specify all basic or executive design for energy supply of Metro systems including HV and MV substations; auxiliary and rectifier substations; grounding and protection against lightning for those constructions. In addition, it is very well recognized for lay–out equipment design, hydraulic piping and cable wiring either for power or telecommunications for Metro stations, maintenance yards and warehouses.

The enterprise can also conceive Architecture Designs and propose solutions for the use of space for buildings, stations, roads, tunnels, etc.; environment studies to prevent pollution and contaminations; the conception and proposal of modern and fancy façades and all finishing material specifications.

Regarding the railway systems, it is also able do develop technical feasibility studies, development and design to specify all different equipment and apparatus including installation like control and signaling systems, telecom, rolling stock and maintenance (either for rail track or rolling stock).

Finally, we can remark another important sector of our works, which is the Technical Management of Projects like the technical evaluation of power plants, substations, transmission lines in order to prepare technical reports and legal contracts for public privatization processes, sales, and refurbishment. It also comprises the inspection of all equipment during design, manufacturing, testing and commissioning (all acceptance and field tests included) for all projects.
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